Well,  here you are staring at my site and wondering 'What in the world was I thinking?'

So, dont worry - you and me are in the same boat. When I started creating this site I was also in the same state of mind as you are in now - 'clueless' !!!

Now, the good news is that I have seriously started thinking on putting something more informative here. Something like my own professional career details, my personal aspirations and the things I have been doing lately. Now, I don't want this site to be merely an extension of my ego so I invite suggestions from you (yes "you") to suggest a feature/column what may interest you. Having said that - I still do not have the mechanism to accept the suggestions (will be there in a couple of days). Till now - keep updating the wish list and send the whole bundle to me as soon as you see my contact information published up here.

Stay tuned ...